Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Podcast Series on Common Legal Mistakes by International Companies

by John L. Watkins

As a compliment to our continuing series of blog posts on legal issues for international companies, Tom McLain and I have just released the first part of a series of podcasts covering common legal mistakes that international companies make when doing business in the U.S., and ways to avoid them.

Part I is an introduction to the series, and discusses why the U.S. is an attractive market for international companies, particularly in the current tough economic environment. We also explain some of the reasons why our home state of Georgia should be on any company's short list of locations for its U.S. business operations. Finally, we discuss the five fundamental mistakes that international companies often make in setting up shop in the U.S. However, as Tom points out in the podcast, many of these issues apply equally well to domestic companies.

The podcast is available on the firm's website on the podcast page, or on the firm's page on, Further podcasts in the series will be released in coming weeks.

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